EN BUSCA DE SU SUEÑO- Madeline Delp, la modelo en silla de ruedas que espera ser Miss USA


Por su parte y en busca de su sueño, Madeline Delp competió por segundo año consecutivo en el Miss North Carolina USA 2019, en busca de cumplir su sueño de ir a Miss USA 2020.

A su vez, Madeline Delp se tuvo que enfrentar a la mayor prueba de su vida, pues en un terrible accidente automovilístico que vivió a sus 10 años, en donde su cuerpo quedó aplastado en la parte trasera del carro, entró en estado coma durante algunas semanas.

Al despertar, se encontró con la noticia de que nunca más volvería a caminar y que había perdido el control de su vejiga. Al pasar los años, Madeline decidió que su condición no la limitaba a cumplir su sueño de convertirse en la primera chica en silla de ruedas en ser Miss USA.

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A little girl in a wheelchair asked me once, can someone who looks like us be considered beautiful enough to compete in Miss USA? My heart dropped… I didn’t know what the right answer was, and after struggling with self-confidence for so many years, I knew it was something I myself had trouble believing. • After months of thinking about her question, I decided that I had to prove to her that YES women with disabilities can definitely be considered beautiful and confident by society. That is why I decided to compete in Miss North Carolina USA, a journey that brought me to the Top 10, and that is why I am excited to compete again with the hope of finally reaching that Miss USA goal! • Regardless of the outcome is this year, I hope that everyone sees that your beauty and attractiveness are not defined by your physical circumstances, they are defined by the way you let your confidence and smile shine to the world. So let your light shine brightly and never be ashamed to be who you are! • • • • • • #pageant #missusa #pageantqueen #fashion #beauty #makeupstyles #missuniverse #wheelchair #disability #confidence #selflove #sci #boundless #liveboundless #selfworth

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Para lograrlo, primero debía prepararse para ganar la corona de Miss North Carolina USA. En 2018 representó a su ciudad natal, Asheville, en Miss North Carolina USA. Con esta participación, Madeline Delp se convirtió en la primera concursante en silla de ruedas en competir en un concurso de belleza en los Estados Unidos.

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I had a few comments from people saying that I would receive “pity votes” in the pageant because of using a wheelchair… so why don’t we face this topic head on? This is offensive on many levels, but mainly because it implies that the only way someone in a wheelchair could win a pageant is because of using their disability to manipulate the judges. I told one of my judges point-blank: “I’m not here to be the girl in the wheelchair.” (He was a lawyer and I felt like the straight-forward approach was the best way to go. 😂) I wanted to make it clear that I have so much more to who I am than just my injury. I have worked very hard to develop my career, and humanitarian work (like starting a nonprofit), and special skills (like speaking three languages) and fitness level etc. THAT is why I believe I deserve to represent my state, not simply because I’m a mark of inclusion. No one has the right to tell you that you are completely defined by one facet of your life experience. You are a kaleidoscope of beautiful influences! Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself to make sure people see who you really are. Raise your voice and let your many strengths SHINE!! • • • • • • • #pageant #missusa #missuniverse #advocacy #raiseyourvoice #confidence #wheelchair #disability #paraplegic #humanrights #leadership #strongwomen #motivation #inspiration #beauty #style #jovani @jovanifashions @aeroflow_healthcare

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A pesar de solo quedar entre las 15 semifinalistas, en el 2019, Madeline repitió con orgullo ser Miss Asheville USA en el certamen Miss North Carolina USA.

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Here’s a crazy thing that happened with my legs during the swimsuit competition… When the curtain rises for the beginning of the show, there is no stopping or delaying the process of events. This means that you have to do wardrobe changes in a matter of minutes! Being the girl who always went first because of representing “Asheville”, this certainly made things a bit challenging. We might all put our pants on one leg at a time, but it usually goes quicker when the legs can move themselves 😂 Anyway, the time came when I was putting on my boots for the opening number and was having trouble getting my foot in. I tried and tried but had a feeling my toes were getting a bit crushed on the inside because they weren’t going in straight. Someone came in to find me and I had to leave it how it was and go on stage. Well I realized as soon as I came back in the dressing room to change into my swimsuit that something was wrong with my toe. It was spasming every time I touched it 😯 But I didn’t have time to do anything but change, so I raced to put on my bathing suit and get ready to go back on stage. Before I went on, I knew things were going to be challenging – my toe might have had a sprain or even a small fracture and my foot was not happy in my new shoe. My left leg started spasming so strongly that it was pulling my whole body forward. Swimsuit is not exactly the part of the competition that you want to be bracing yourself for… you obviously want to look as straight and lean as possible, not hunched forward with rolls 😂 The picture you are seeing is me bracing myself as strongly as possible trying not to fall forward (all with a smile 😃). I tell you this because I always want to keep things real – while I had a team of people who prepared me to look like this on stage, it doesn’t stop the fact that the imperfections of life still arose. For me it was such a good metaphor for life, challenges will ALWAYS come up no matter how hard we try, but you have to just smile and push through the best you can! (Check Out the @aeroflow_healthcare Articles to read more.) The jury is still out about my toe, but it’s safe to say I won’t be wearing boots for a while 😉

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Su preparación para el evento requirió increíbles invenciones, para lucir un hermoso vestido de cola larga junto con su silla de ruedas.

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